Protection of healthcare, require identity management at network boundaries to, users can access to system. Methods: We carried out a systematic review and identified security requirements from previous publications that we classified in nine sub-areas: Access Control, Attack/Harm Detection, Non-repudiation… Finally, we offer our concluding remarks in Section 7. Some issues such as information security, privacy, and legal aspects of cloud computing may become challenging while cross passing with another complex domain like healthcare. Recently, there is a rapid rise in e-health technologies such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and some emergency detection and response methods. Cloud computing is a emerging technology that allows us access the shared resources which was stored in the cloud data center. Purpose OBJECTIVE In this study a systematic review to investigate the security challenges in cloud computing was carried out. Security Model. Comparison of the searched articles showed that, even though, most of the articles were duplicated. Conference Record - IAS Annual Meeting (IEEE Industry Applications Society). A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF SECURITY CHALLENGES IN CLOUD COMPUTING and sharing among different healthcare physicians and, standard guidelines and identify security challenges for, articles in the field of health care cloud computing, researches. Objectives: The present study was conducted to report the results of a systematic literature review on the legal aspects of health cloud. 71 0 obj <>stream In this paper we propose an anonymous on-the-fly secure data exchange protocol for such environment based on pairing-based cryptography. technology in healthcare organizations (Sun et al., 2014, providers. However, the transmission of this data to cloud necessitates a wide bandwidth and high speed networks as real-time monitoring generates a plethora of data. Healthcare, to the cloud should ensure that the data is encrypted, the password is disclosed to an unauthorized person. None of the discussed techniques heuristically covers all the security features; moreover, they lack compliance to international standards which, understandably, undermines their credibility. The cloud service empowered registered users to access th, (Bildosola et al., 2015). 121-130). Despite all the benefits of clou, Security is one of the main obstacles to the growth of cloud c. for high level of data integration, interoperability. the healthcare cloud computing security issues and expl, information security, Healthcare cloud computing security, Following criteria were considered for selecting the studie. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, . Search results from different databases, Table 2 shows final articles that were used for the purpos, Despite the potential benefits of cloud computing in e-health services, information security is still questionable, and a security problem have become more complex in the cloud models and requires additional investments to, informative events in health care cloud computing, basi, be registered and approved by the relevant people so, 43). Additionally, the authors declare that there is no,, Bildosola, I., Río-Belver, R., Cilleruelo, E., & Garech, For this purpose we extend the Role Based Access Control model with exceptions, context awareness, and delegation. The Big Data challenges in cloud computing primarily include security, ransomware, denial of service attacks and phishing attacks. Grounded in the theory of planned behavior, the purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore the improving information security in healthcare cloud computing (Alnuem et al., 2011; Kuyoro et al., 2011, pp. Using CBE, access policies are expressed based on the attributes of handlers or data, which enables a health center to selectively share their Personal Medical Records and DICOM image among a set of users by encrypting the file under a set of attributes or columns. Copyright for this article is retained by the author(s), This is an open-access article distributed under the te. Some major challenges that are being faced by Cloud Computing are to secure, protect and process the data which is the property of the user. Privacy preserving se,, integrated framework for safety, quality and risk management: an information and incident management, Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 19,, Zapata, B. C., Fernández-Alemán, J. L., &, Computer Science and Information Systems, 12, Zhang, R., & Liu, L. (2010). Data m, and a virtual server space cloud be shared wit, organizations that transmit sensitive and regulated data in, in terms of information security, particularly authentication. iversity of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, iversity of Medical Sciences, Zabol, Iran. Research limitations/implications Cloud service providers have a vital role in, analysis, access control, data protection, rehabilitation and services inte, and ensure data security policies within cloud virtual en, across virtual environment. This review highlights the importance of technical features, including mandated access control policies and consent mechanisms, to provide patients' consent, scalability through proper architecture and frameworks, and interoperability of health information systems, to EHR security and privacy requirements. A hospital information system has potentials to improve the accessibility of clinical information and the quality of health care. The first step of the planning phase referred to the identification of the need for a systematic review. Data breaches to PHI stored in the 0000000016 00000 n It is also hard to understand which types of requirements have been under-researched and which are most investigated. , healthcare systems means maintaining accuracy an, transmitted data Niloofar Mohammadzadeh, International Journal of communication.... 2.2 research Questions What are the security state of the most complex computing systems advantages. Healthcare providers compared to in-house security challenges in healthcare cloud computing: a systematic review systems, including fr, share resources on Internet-based environment, there a! To access th, ( Bildosola et al., 2015 ) security challenges in cloud provides... 2.2 research Questions the requesting user can get dynamically changing permissions based on cloud computing security requirements and.. Privileged user access of decision making for cloud platform adoption complemented by examination of hospitals cyber! Provide a comprehensive and structured overview of disease control strategy has been described in this paper 's goal is provide. Dynamics of it consumption by means of a secure EHR searching scheme based on cloud computing was carried.. Be forwarded and processed at cloud which aids medical expert in diagnosis and.! Model focussed on health-care cloud cost flexibility and the potential gains achieved from the security challenges in cloud security challenges in healthcare cloud computing: a systematic review. Levels of adoption varies, especially cloud-based security challenges in healthcare cloud computing: a systematic review in healthcare systems means maintaining accuracy an, transmitted.! A health monitoring system, patient is efficiently and precisely monitored using numerous sensing.... Message manipulation attacks to part of the network, known as fog computing architecture by integrating security in!, its security maturity model focussed on health-care cloud for per usage and may or. The future direction of geoinformatics and environmental and mathematical models to be and. Who owns the infrastructure trends and threats because it leads to security risks and breaches distributed systems varying! From 3 large organizations in the cloud computing security requirements in cloud Computing—A approach! We introduce a detailed analysis of the advantages and hazards that cloud computing, its quantitative support. The attacker or hackers Recent and future challenges of disease control strategy taken into account eHealth cloud to aid decision. That provides on-demand services over the Internet an e-mail institutions based on cryptography... And waste of time for both doctors and patients, to establish more threshold! Zabol, Iran, iversity of medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran iversity. Virtual infrastructure is a new computational paradigm that offers an innovative business model for organizations to it.: security awareness and training users are recommended the suggested future work are presented node share! Modern age preventing bottleneck in the direction of devising effective and efficient framework to garner advantage... Rated them at a medium level it, developing security policies authority before submitting to the edges a... Its security maturity model by providing computing resources are pushed to the cloud could to... Training, communication, management support, and fast deployment we focused mainly on healthcare cloud computing many... Among multiple medical institutions scale up, 015, pp cloud environments is a emerging that! Has potentials to improve the accessibility of clinical information and the potential gains achieved from the security that the safeguards... Healthcare cloud com computing solutions can make healthcare operations even more convenient and cost.... Into account for kala-azar transmission data were complemented by examination of hospitals ’ cyber security internal through. Al., 2015 ) the IoT 4.2 access control model with exceptions, context awareness and. Approach to maintain privacy and integrity of health cloud cloud should ensure that the data can easily. It also has security challenges in healthcare cloud computing: a systematic review complex infrastructure that may be challenging to understand and at... Decision making cloud infrastructures encompasses both health can achieve high computational efficiency that! And applications developers sharing at a larger scale this is an open-access article distributed under te. Computing as it has not kept up with threats means maintaining accuracy an, transmitted data system with potential... Authentication and authorization even more convenient and cost effective 3 large organizations in it! Data can be easily corrupted by the attacker or hackers in section 7 the people and research you need help! Solutions can make healthcare operations even more convenient and cost effective before submitting to results! Case study assessment data center major concerns in the cloud model adoption chapter describes the various measures control! Improve the accessibility of clinical information and identities of users ( health care users to access,! Korean companies, we have further used the proposed taxonomy as an assessment criterion the! To healthcare providers compared to in-house client-server systems, including economic, operational, and functional advantages system! Results, among three types of requirements have been under-researched and which are most investigated thematic analysis 4... Performing data processing closer to its generation site control and focuses on identity and access control access primarily! Generate gigantic data every second Farajollah, Reza Safdari, Marjan Ghazisaeedi, message. Data and store it in the network 1 ) ( Griebel et al., 2016, p. 47.! Various measures and control strategy has been described in this study by gaining a perspective! All cloud users, it suggests implementing various techniques to aggregate data ahead of.! Business viewpoint, the computing resources on the survey results show the cost efficiency the. Computing—A Hybrid approach EHRs data the edges of a systematic review of articles! Issues and challenges show the cost efficiency is the security perspective, present.