Two major conditions cause a red or pinkish eye color: albinism and blood leaking into the iris. A post shared by Nur Fettahoğlu (@eclipsnf) on Jun 3, 2018 at 12:43am PDT. Profession: TV personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality. So how hare is turquoise and how rare is my eye changing colour like that? I have grey eyes with yellow around my pupils (central heterochromia). But I have Partial Heterochromia! My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. Date of birth: 14 August 1966 Aside from sharing the same rich eye color, you're also the proud owners of the most melanin (pigment) within your irises, meaning your eyes are naturally more protected from the sun. Natural blond hair … And express their positive and negative emotions, which means they can be spiteful, moody, very friendly, soulful and helpful. Thanks to all these variations, they can often be difficult to judge. Didn't know my eyes were so cool lmao. I love writing articles about what makes each of us unique and rare. … To find out the difference, go to the natural lighting (during the daylight) and look at the eyes … Jan 4, 2018 - Explore Pernia Mirza's board "Rarest eye color" on Pinterest. In the array of possible natural hair colors, dark hues are the most common — more than 90 percent of people worldwide have brown or black hair. Answer Save. I really don't know, but I rarely meet people with green eyes. Which means they’re….Asian. Green eye color is a result of a mild amount of pigmentation in the eye with a golden tint. By red, I mean true, scientific red, as in possessing the Mc1R gene. Age: 44 Years Height: 1.69 m I have a Stormy blue eye color with some gray in it, and I just realized that I have central heterochromia that is (according to my mom) a bluish gray/violet gray, but it looks kind of yellow to me (it blends in pretty well). Date of birth: 28 April 1974 How Many People Have Green Eyes. Apparently, eye color is determined by variations in a person’s genes, mostly related to the presence of the pigment called melanin. It is due to blood leaking into the iris. I have heterochromia I was born with bright blue eyes but now their hazel in the middle, a small green ring and then a blue outer ring. Finally, red eyes are the rarest eye color. Usually, they come from Northern Europe, America, and other Western countries. That’s around 154,000,000 people from the world’s 7.7 billion population – or approximately the population of Russia. Date of birth:  4 June 1975 my eyes go from brown to yellow to green so can someone tell me what colour my eyes are cause i dont know. Green is the rarest of the common eye colors. But just gently and quietly. Brown Eyes. Im a ginger with blue eyes. Which is a serious according to the studies? The second-rarest natural hair color in the world is blond hair. Green is considered the rarest eye color in the world because only approximately 2% of the world’s population has green eyes. Albino eyes look can look red or pink due to the lack of pigment in the iris. This should be on the top of the list. I have I think.. Blue Hazel eyes. Truthfully, this eye color is so captivating, especially on a face with good-looking features that virtually any hair color can work with it. If I wear green people think I have green eyes. the May cover of @harpersbazaarus hits newsstands on April 23rd !! on Pinterest. It is a spellbinding color that few people have. Rarest Eye Colors Considered as God Gift: Besides that human body feature is what god have given us, there are technically and scientifically reasons behind all that. Anonymous. Karen Grønskov, Jakob Ek, and Karen Brondum-Nielsen [CC BY 2.0], via wikimedia commons. Place of birth: Missouri, United States Here are other rarest eye colors in the world: 1. Many people who have perfect vision choose to wear contacts just to have a rare eye color. Profession: Singer, songwriter, and actress, MILANO IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE I LOVE MY PICCOLI MOSTRI SO MUCH! Although albinos tend to have very, very light blue eyes due to a lack of pigment, some forms of albinism can cause eyes to appear red or pink. They like to help others and are defined by their inner strength and determination. They take love very sincerely, are wild and passionate. Thats Central Heterochromia right? When combined with the natural blue scattering of the eye, the colors mix to give a green appearance. According to research, the babies who are born with blue or gray eyes have green eyes when they grew up as the melanin pigment (the pigment that gives coloration) starts increasing. You may only be able to determine the pupil from the iris when looking at the eye with a bright light! Place of birth: Teddington, United Kingdom — Professor Hans Eiberg, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Copenhagen. Since birth, the eye color is fixed, but characteristic features can be acquired in the course of life. I love running this account and I hope everyone enjoys it #keiraknightley, A post shared by Keira Knightley Fanpage (@keira_knightley_) on Sep 1, 2015 at 12:44pm PDT. The other different eye colors are blue, green and gray, with green being less than 2% of the rarest eye color. 0 1. Cat eyes can come in a variety of colors. This beautiful, golden eye color is often confused with hazel. Rachel. Its super noticeable during different seasons/months. When I see people with fake green contacts, I laugh and say why? in fact, amber eyes can be rare in some parts on the globe while green isn’t and same for green eye color. With only two percent of the world’s population having green eyes, it’s definitely rare! Researchers generally label green and amber eye colors to be the rarest colors among the different pigments that are possible. My original post, which was a long time ago, mentioned the two most unusual eyes I've ever come across: one girl I knew had bottle green eyes, a truly beautiful colour. 12 Answers. ELIZABETH LINLEY GRAHAM | October 21, 2011 12:43 AM | Reply. 4 Rarest Hair Colors In The World. But a genetic mutation affecting the OCA2 gene in our chromosomes resulted in the creation of a 'switch,' which literally 'turned off' the ability to produce brown eyes. i think i have central heterochromia eyes and the middle is brown and the outside is green sometimes but other times it’s grey and it can also be green-gray, blue-green, or blue-grey. 1 1. Rarest hair color- red… and not just auburn-ish (get outta here, ya fake gingers!) My eyes change with my hair. Cat eyes can come in a variety of colors. Heterochromia and anisocoria are sometimes mistaken for each other. I find green eyes particularly attractive, so notice them more than blue or brown. I have a dark green/blue (it looks black when I look in the mirror) ring around the outside of my iris, but my eye color is Hazel. 0 1. To find out the difference, go to the natural lighting (during the daylight) and look at the eyes you’ll get to know whether they’re green, hazel, or brown eyes. They don’t like routine and are self-supporting, sincere and sexy. It's hard to determine exactly which eye color is the rarest, but if you have never seen any of the ones listed below, it’s because they're not common. I have dark color eyes my son has green eyes like his dad, I think I have melanoma but my parents and sister won't believe me I have 3/5 symptoms of melanoma I don't know what to do and I'm nine years old :(, I have amber eyes but its lookin like light brown too. It’s quite an unusual type of eye coloring that some individuals have, and while many people wear contacts to make their eye color more uniform, I think it’s beautiful, and such a rarity should be flaunted! People with blue eye color are cheerful, intelligent and bright. I can't tell if I have hazel eyes or amber eyes. Lv 7. Place of birth: Toluca, Mexico Place of birth: Tennessee, United States Conversely, when you see someone with dark-brown eyes, they have an abundance of melanin. Amber eyes are considered one of the rarest eye colors in the world, occurring in less than 5% of eyes worldwide. The woman with green eyes are very seductive, and the men will be at your feet. Height: 1.68 m Height: 1.52 m My dad is the same . Age: 33 Years If you have any of these symptoms, check with your doctor as soon as possible. Place of birth: New York, United States I have no clue what my eye colour is. Anisocoria is when one pupil is larger than the other pupil. People with grey eye color have the coolest eye color, and they are more challenging to distinguish consistently. They might be immigrants, and they also show themselves to be intelligent, responsible with fellow human beings who knows and respects their limits. Report Unburied Cables, Exposed Wires, or Downed Lines - Home phone Support. However, I don’t know why but when I came to see these pictures of people with beautiful eyes there is this movie “I origins” that came to my mind. in fact, amber eyes can be rare in some parts on the globe while green isn’t and same for green eye color. Black hair and purple eyes is so AMAZING, plus gives a dark mysterious feeling. Kittens are born blind. One of the rarest eye color that exists and is actually color and not a mutation is green eye color. green? It is a spellbinding color that few people have. My natural pigmentation is turquoise but my eyes can change from green to blue to "black" to brown to hazel to amber and then back to turquoise. Due to this there are more people who carry the redheaded gene, than there are people with red hair. The rarest eye color in the world. By red, I mean true, scientific red, as in possessing the Mc1R gene. Eye color became lighter, which may have made it easier to see better during the cold, dark winters. You may only be able to determine the pupil from the iris when looking at the eye with a bright light! green? Date of birth:18 December 1978 I have brown eyes even though it is really common I love my eyes the way they are. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, reflecting the talents of the soul and the heart together. If you're eyes are bloodshot, ie the whites are pink - red, that will also affect the appearance of your irises. My eyes are sea green, with a bluish-green ring at edge, and a touch of yellow around the pupil. Generally, the darker your eyes the harder it is to spot the difference. A silicone implant can also create a blockage and increased pressure in the eye causing inflammation and damage to the structures of the eye. Moreover, the brown-eyed people are considered practical and confident, aggressive and fearless. It can be determined by checking the eyes with a bright light. Her brother has green eyes but not these color, a bit darker. Feb 22, 2017 - Explore Kerri Moreau's board "Rare eye colors!" Cat eye color is due to the presence of melanin, which itself is the result of genetics. However, for that reason, they can also seem bold and grouchy. One of the rarest and prettiest eye colors, purple eyes tend to go best with raven black hair. Lv 7. See more ideas about Eye color, Beautiful eyes, Pretty eyes. How Light Affects Eye Color. Date of birth: 26 January 1978 Only 2% of the world's population has green eyes! This doesn’t take into account different parts of the world having a higher or lower percentage of a certain color. 1 decade ago. It means so much to hit 10.5K! Lv 7. How Many People Have Green Eyes.