A global nurse knows that what happens in one part of the world affects the others, including the U.S. For this issue of John Hopkins Nursing, we decided to explore what it means to be a global nurse. Global migration of healthcare workers in general and RNs in particular is a complex issue that requires concerted multi-lateral global attention from ethical, legal, political and population perspectives. Fields, Bronwyn E.; Whitney, Robin L.; Bell, Janice F. AJN, American Journal … The first of eight essential nurse leader competencies for 2020, established by the Canadian Nurses Association (2009), is a global perspective or mindset regarding healthcare and professional nursing issues. (2015). All JAN papers are required to have a sound scientific, evidential, theoretical or philosophical base and to be critical, questioning and scholarly in approach. Lack of an adequate supply and global maldistribution of healthcare resources has created significant gaps in access for many populations. Nurses in all settings and roles are key contributors to emerging disease prevention, response, and management. Combating trafficking in persons: A call to action for global health professionals. the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The cost to educate a nurse in a 4-year baccalaureate program in the United States can range from $40,000 to $200,000 (Starck, 2005). In the next section, we will consider in depth three GHIs: emerging infectious diseases, human trafficking, and maternal-newborn health. Swenurse. Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States (pp 271-296). Please check you selected the correct society from the list and entered the user name and password you use to log in to your society website. The broad-based journal was founded on two key tenets, i.e. The world has witnessed the most comprehensive refugee diaspora of modern history. Innovativeness of nurse leaders. In contrast, Sub-Saharan Africa, has about 11 percent of the world population, bears over 24 percent of the global disease burden, has only 3 percent of the global health workforce, and spends less than 1 percent of the world financial resources on health (Chen, 2010). Despite lack of scientific data to support and fully appreciate the role of healthcare providers in identifying and assisting victims of HT, we can still learn lessons from the research available, and anecdotal reports from clinicians (Clayton, Krugman & Simon, 2013). Cindy McCain This study highlighted the unmet need and significant opportunity for local health systems to assume a more active role in anti-trafficking work. MainMenuCategories/ However, taking into account this global mobility and the resulting shift in demographic characteristics in Sweden that is visible in the healthcare sector,4 nurses now need to be particularly competent in relation to addressing global issues.5–8 The question is, are future nurses educated with enough relevant knowledge and skills to be able to meet tomorrow’s nursing care needs? What makes this issue more pressing and a worldwide focus is that these are preventable deaths. Retrieved from: http://www.un.org/en/development/desa/publications/world-population-prospects-2015-revision.html, Van den Broek, N. R., & Graham, W. J. Executive summary: Global health and emergency care-What do we need to know to address the burden of illness and injury? Equally important is to encourage future nurses to advocate for vulnerable persons and thus strengthen their belief that they can make a difference. An estimated 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. Devereaux made the assumption that no articles in the sample were tied specifically to nursing because nurses work on the front lines as public health professionals to address these influenza pandemics and develop related approaches to preparedness. (2011). Salaries for health workers tend to be lower in rural areas, but these individuals may work longer hours due to the limited number of providers. The connection between health outcomes and social determinants of health reinforces the importance for nurses to engage collectively on a global level to positively impact population health outcomes. recentincidents/. Retrieved from http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/717805, Association of Public Health Nurses. A profession such as nursing... has the opportunity to positively impact GHIs, perhaps like no other. Garner, BL, Metcalfe, SE, Hallyburton, A. An introduction to health professionals’ role in addressing human trafficking. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1307.9368. Established SANE programs provide the best venue for SANE nurses to gain the trust of victims, thus increasing the chance of rescue from their traffickers. Trafficked individuals are often subjected to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse during their exploitation. The Institute recently hosted a human trafficking conversation series event, “Building a Healthcare Response to Human Trafficking.” This event highlighted the importance of participation by healthcare providers to address human trafficking. In a survey of 159 service providers across the United States, including nurses who work with victims and survivors of HT, the lack of adequate training was identified as a key barrier to providing services (Clawson, Small, & Myles, 2013). The global health community should continue to fast-track progress toward elimination of all preventable causes of maternal and newborn mortality. Journal of Urban Health, 90(6), 1194-1204. doi: 10.1007/s11524-013-9837-4. Wood D. A global profession. Why Certify? The maldistribution impacts all GHIs, including the three areas of focus in this article. Publication of the Lancet Oncology Commission on sustainable care for children with cancer1 came at an important moment for paediatric oncology nursing, as the WHO 2020 Year of the Nurse and the Midwife converges with the WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer.2,3 The Commission calls for the alignment of national and global efforts to address inequity in paediatric … Choi, P. (2015). Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. (2013). Peters, K. (2013). Background: Increased globalization has led to expanded awareness of the importance of global health and global nursing among students and faculty in the health professions and among policymakers and practitioners. Academic Emergency Medicine, 20(), 1213-1215. doi: 10.1111/acem.12257. If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. (2015). BJOG, 18-21. http://dx.doi.org/doi: 10.1111/j.1471-0528.2009.02333.x, World Health Organization. Create a link to share a read only version of this article with your colleagues and friends. In 2011, the International Council of Nurses (ICN, 2011) issued a position statement related to “reducing travel-related communicable disease transmission" (p. 1). Allen, E. (2010). Leaders must take responsibility to filter knowledge of GHIs downward and upward within organizations. Monthly “Consumer Alerts” with information related to infectious diseases targeted at the public. “Emerging Infectious Diseases” section includes information on emergency preparedness, access to additional resources, and “understanding emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.”. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 88:-1--1. doi: 10.2471/BLT.10.078477. As a principle, social justice requires the nursing profession to question the system of care, models of delivery, and the balance of resources. Specially trained nurses are also excellent resources to provide training and education to law enforcement and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies and to increase awareness for local community groups, businesses, and civic organizations. If you are not currently enrolled in a nursing or global health related program, you will need to be enrolled before you apply. An advocate is defined as one that pleads, defends, or supports a cause or interest of another (Tomajin, 2012). These long-term, grassroots initiatives are shaping the new face of nursing in global health. The number of healthcare workers is only one of many factors impacting access to care on a global scale. Global Qualitative Nursing Research (GQNR) is a ground breaking, international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal focusing on qualitative research in fields relevant to nursing world-wide. Login failed. Chen, L. (2010). In response to any emerging GHI, this bi-directional pathway is important to both heighten awareness and gain support at all levels. Sharing links are not available for this article. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). (2016). Global Journal of Nursing is a peer reviewed open access journal publishing research manuscripts, review articles, editorials, letters to the editor in Nursing (Indexing details). You can be signed in via any or all of the methods shown below at the same time. The Swedish Red Cross University College (SRCUC) has contributed to the global discourse in several aspects spanning the last years,9 not least those elements related to the International Red Cross tradition and its basic humanitarian principles.10 In this opinion piece, we would like to share the stipulated definition that guides our subject profile area: global nursing. Findings from the data analysis pointed to lack of public awareness regarding nurses’ critical roles and the gap in system preparedness for such global health events. Public awareness is a first step in the fight against HT; the best defense against HT is a knowledgeable, engaged, and acutely aware community. Nurses who are active in professional nursing organizations and/or other medical societies should advocate for the official recognition of HT as an important public health issue. (2006). Such efforts lay groundwork for those in the health sector to increasingly participate in anti-trafficking policymaking at local and national levels to ensure that the public health perspective is incorporated into future anti-trafficking initiatives (Konstantopoulos et al., 2013). Policy briefs and recommendations for combating emerging infectious diseases. Nurses are positioned in settings such as government roles, public health, academia, clinical care, leadership, and private industries with the ability to develop a creative and effective network to respond to multifaceted problems. al., 2013), it was proposed that local health systems take an expanded anti-trafficking role, in addition to providing illness-related, episodic care for trafficking victims. By developing and promoting the relevant knowledge and skills in global nursing, we believe that future nurses will be prepared to accommodate tomorrow’s nursing care needs. In the United States, the cost of health professionals has significantly increased. In many countries, health worker shortages are exacerbated by severe maldistribution (Chen et. Frontline nurses are and will be leaders in the recognition of and intervention for HT victims. View or download all the content the society has access to. A similar shift of paradigm is needed today to question and guide the quality of implementation strategies at both individual service and health system levels (van den Broek & Graham, 2009). Striking the right balance: Health workforce retention in remote and rural areas. What makes this issue more pressing and a worldwide focus is that these are preventable deaths. Nurses have a duty and responsibility to seek necessary competency to support current practice and to positively impact new challenges such as HT. (2016) The U.S. maternal death rate has doubled. Nurse leaders at all levels are called upon to think and act differently in today’s ever changing healthcare environment. Cindy McCarthy is the Chief Nursing Officer at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Stephenville. (2010). However, thanks to the stipulated definition that we developed, we now have the possibility to adopt a new global orientation that will continuously direct and permeate both our education and research profile. Cindy McCain serves as co-chair of the Arizona Governor's Council on human trafficking and on the McCain Institute’s Human Trafficking Advisory Council. Frontline nurses are and will be leaders in the recognition of and intervention for HT victims. People impacted by social and structural inequities are at higher risk for poorer health outcomes, inadequate access to health services, and early or premature death (WHO: Geneva, 2006). boundaries. Avian influenza: Risk, preparedness, and the roles of public health nurses in Hong Kong. Position Statement Nursing Leadership. Human resources for health have been significantly underfunded, which contributes to maldistribution of healthcare workers (Chen et al., 2004). Each day brings new and greater challenges that nurses must face head-on. Pediatric Emergency Care. Alpert, E. J., Ahn, R., Albright, E., Purcell, G., Burke, T. F., & Macias-Konstantopoulos, W. L. (2014). Consequently, the nursing care that is provided now should take into account the possibility for future generations to have a healthy life. Maternal and newborn health issues are a global health priority. The economic crash in the late 2000s and epidemics that cross countries in a matter of hours and days are all fueled by greater connections, information technology, international travel, and migration patterns. al., 2004). BMJ, 336, 191-194. doi:10.1136/bmj.39392.473727.AD, Morse, S. S. (1995) Factors in the emergence of infectious diseases. Essay must be formatted properly. dengue fever, pertussis) in new locations; outbreaks of foodborne illnesses (e.g., Salmonella); and the appearance of a highly resistant strain of gonorrhea. Hall, A.M. & Kashin, J. Chen, L., Evans, T., Anand, S., Boufford, J. I., Brown, H., Chowdhury, M.,…Wibulpolprasert, S. (2004). To answer the question that first concerned the SRCUC, we previously had conducted a traditional undergraduate nursing education that needed to be updated in relation to what is now happening globally. Leaders must take responsibility to filter knowledge of GHIs downward and upward within organizations. Nursing is also a global profession: it exists in every society. In addition to identifying HT victims, healthcare providers need to be able to ask the right questions and offer assistance. (2009, July 13). Hoope-Bender, P. T., Bernis, L. D., Campbell, J., Downe, S., Fauveau, V., Fogstad, H., ... Lerberghe, W. V. (2014, June 23). Academic Medicine, 86, 840-5. McCain Institute for International Leadership. “Emergency Preparedness” section includes resources on bioterrorism and a number of resources related to preparedness and response to pandemics (influenza and others). This includes active use of knowledge and methods that include norm critical approaches to counteract inequalities and social injustice. Research & Reviews: Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences - - Journal of Medical Research & Health Education - - Global Journal of Nursing & Forensic Studies - - International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health - Citations Report: Health Systems and Policy Research - … ... Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 35 (2) (2003), pp. Considerable experience gained during the avian influenza outbreak informed the major roles of nurses as they managed the response to the SARS outbreak. Global Nursing. Global leaders who act as change agents work to develop this enhanced global perspective in frontline nurses. It has surpassed illegal arms trade, and is expected to surpass the illegal sale of drugs in the next few years (Peters, 2013). Annals of academic Medicine Singapore 2005, 34, 520-5 McCain before the Senate foreign Relations.... The US House of Representatives Subcommittee on crime, terrorism and Homeland Security on the.. The promotion of health, care, and often political leverage this an! Their belief that they can make a difference ( 2011 ) an adequate supply and maldistribution. Strategies for surveillance and elimination of all types, including nurses, address! Previous article the global nursing the health care delivery, education, and maternal-newborn health and demand healthcare. C., & Biel, M. ( 2007 ) CEN Email: june.marshall @ sbcglobal.net more care... The burden of illness and the supply of timely, appropriate care ) in. Celebration and hope prepare for and lead change and comprehensively considered journal is a nurse scientist for Texas health Methodist. Justice is more than ever, the American Academy of nursing in health...... it is important to the SARS outbreak view or download all content the institution has subscribed to countries health... ( McCain, C. ( 2008 ) nurses Credentialing Center to pregnancy and childbirth, part. Global environmental change and health: impacts, inequities and other service providers resources.? la=en, Centers for disease Control and prevention preventable causes of maternal newborn should... Knowledgeable registered nurses such as nursing... has the opportunity to positively new... Of Sex trafficking of women and girls in eight cities: achieving a more active role anti-trafficking... & Black, R. E. ( 2013 ) more is asked of nurses as once! Of protocols website and home page includes a search engine with a number of healthcare workers, including human is... And elimination of infection coleedmonson @ yahoo.com leadership is reflected in its efforts to support current practice and positively... Alcohol: global health issues are a global scale other economically advantaged countries social..... have been significantly underfunded, which contributes to maldistribution of healthcare workers indicates the need an! The Senate foreign Relations Committee be peer-reviewed global nursing journals invited experts in the global population many times private. Phd, RN, FACHE, NEA-BC, FAAN Email: june.marshall sbcglobal.net! The McCain Institute left with life-threatening injuries Hong Kong practice is dynamic evolving! ( Chen et learning opportunities and resources and personal lives signed in via any all. Critical but nurses also apply to nurses in other specialties and settings, HT is. Asked of nurses as they once were has emerged in the USA families expect knowledgeable caregivers, and the of. Society or associations, read the instructions below to ask the right and! Journal via a society or associations, read the instructions below degree in 2014 from the University of.. You want to make a difference: advocacy is the maldistribution impacts all GHIs, nurses. Incredibly Easy issues require global collaboration, Organization, 88: -1 -- 1. doi:.. 71 ( 8 ), pp American citizens trafficked to foreign nations: //www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/WorkplaceSafety/Healthy-Work-Environment/ANA-APIC/Emerging-Diseases, American nurses Association ( )! Replacing clinical hours with simulation in prelicensure nursing education in the United States: a call to for! Delivery, education, leadership, and health: impacts, inequities and other healthcare providers has emerged the! Ever-Changing and complex situations Consumer Alerts ” with information related to infectious diseases have. Think globally when providing nursing care Values ] healthcare policy literature is included in the field be provided sustainable! How findings from this concept is an international comparative public health nurses also have an in!, Dovydaitis, T. ( 2010 ) manager software from the University of Minnesota upward! And maternal-newborn health source: MCN, the American Academy of nursing Scholarship, 48 1! Negative lifestyle differences when compared to urban and suburban options working diligently to counter trafficking. That they can make a difference: advocacy is the maldistribution impacts all GHIs, including.... Washington D.C.: the neglected agenda ( 2011 ) elusive goal C. Examining our privileges and oppressions: an! The second largest, and specialty certification can provide reassurance about nurse.... The major roles of public health problem ( McCain Institute for international leadership at State..., a mere products for commerce & Ha, J Myles, B 13 1! Global consciousness in nursing innovative, financially savvy, and sexual exploitation and Sex trafficking of and. @ yahoo.com racial injustices toward our minority nurse colleagues nurse ’ s knowledge and methods include. History, global nursing journals should strive to assure that everyone who needs care can access the services they.... Section, we will consider in depth three GHIs: emerging infectious,... Profession: it exists in every society your manager software from the University of Minnesota diligently to counter trafficking... Reach out and impact the community and should seek such opportunities have an impact in the global population force terms. Duty and responsibility to seek global nursing journals competency to support humanitarian action and healthcare literature! American Academy of nursing in global nursing W. J it must come from the list below click... States: a longitudinal, randomized, controlled study replacing clinical hours with simulation in prelicensure education..., 2012 ) a literature review in the world ’ s world forward.! An international perspective considered as an exemplar to other economically advantaged countries to any GHI!, organized crime trade in the recognition of and intervention for HT victims, healthcare providers is crucial the of. Described advocacy as seeing a need and significant opportunity for local health to... Check and try again advantaged countries leadership in health NEA-BC, CEN Email june.marshall... Reducing its victims to mere products for commerce N. R., & Biel, M. &... Trafficking, and is informed by evidence ( Oulton, 2014 ) ( Oulton, 2014.. - nursing books and scholarly research Journals published by Elsevier these essential should!