It’s as moist as cake gets. Manager checked on us. Make a reservation, you won't regret it,our server Moises was also very professional and advised us just right to meet all our dining desires! Add the ice cream and cake. They can accommodate parties of up to 2-8 easily, but anything larger becomes a hassle. Whatever works! This time we were celebrating my sisters birthday and Bocas House must have overheard our conversation and surprised us with a bday cake milkshake along with the tres leches milkshake we ordered. Fell victim to the social media craze with the milkshakes  and just had to come.  For my Tres Leches Cake version I prefer vanilla caramel ribbon ice cream because adding caramel to a shake, cake, sundae, or just eating plain caramels makes my feet tap and my head forget about pretty much anything I have to but really don’t want to do. We got the check and well, all I have to say is yeah the reviewers that say this place is overrated, overpriced and All about the looks are right. This was our first time having dinner at Bocas. They are a grown up sandwich cookie with deep chocolate flavored biscuits that aren’t too sweet, and the gentle bitterness of the cocoa comes through the slightest bit. The decor is charming and the jazz music is very calming. Pour into glasses. We each ordered a lunch. And on top of that the cherry on top, or in this case tres leches on top. !Bocas House serves some mean Peruvian food and monster milkshakes! Top with whipped cream. Amazing!! Even the cone and tres leches cake in the Tres Leches milkshake are made in-house and we take pride in that because we believe it’s an essential … We had the Tomahawk parrilla and the meat was dry and hard even that was still red, the friend seafood from the arroz fusion was really good, but the rice didn't have that much flavor. 1 to 2 slices of Tres Leches Cake 2 to 3 grande scoops of vanilla ice cream 1 to 2 cups of milk ( the amount is based on how thick or thin you prefer your shake) Between the two crunchy, chocolatey biscuits is a rich, sweet buttercream made sophisticated by a … If too thick add a bit more milk until desired consistency. Open the coconut milk. Had I known each entree was served with so much rice, I would've down sized the number of dishes to prevent carb overload. There's a waffle Ice cream cone which sits in the mason jar and that is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Good service! It was easy to chew and not too salty. Plus, a little extra in the tin.Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cake Batter, OREO®, Peanut Butter Banana or Chocolate Peanut Butter. Monday to Friday From 4:00 p.m. To 7:00 p.m. There is no dress code. Wondering if that was the idea? For me this was a good experience but probably not one I would come back to anytime soon. The tres leches milkshake was to die for! 8.95. Tres leches milkshake Carlos was our waiter and Rafael and Miguel bussed the table. This IS my favorite restaurant in Miami, and the service is always 5 star. I usually prefer to make my poke cakes using chocolate pudding but the sweetened condensed milk just adds to the milkshake effect here.  It’s also a very popular birthday cake, and I can find it at virtually any bakery. So.  And every time I taste it I say “That’s a slice of milkshake on a plate.”, Just as everyone has their own special enchilada recipe, Tres Leches Cakes vary from traditional, to adding orange liqueur or rum to flavor the milks, blending in caramel, creating a custard soaking mixture, topping it with a variety of fresh sliced fruit, or a dusting of nutmeg and cinnamon (as shown.).  Cakey rich creamy decadence. An overall 10 stars  because everything's was perfect !!!! Just found out there is another location in coral gables.  I like to add flavor by adding in a piece of pumpkin pie for an autumn shake, or peach cobbler during the summer. "-Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec-"I don't share blame. I suggest sticking to only one seafood based ceviche because the mixed consisted of mostly calamari, which isn't so fun. Obviously, it's something I would have done anyway. This platter met our cravings and the flavors were just right! The waiter brought it to the table and said "be careful it's hot" and while the skillet itself may have been hot the Mac and cheese was not. Drinks, food, and dessert all came out in a timely manner. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the peanut butter and sugar on medium speed for about two minutes. Our eldest had a cheeseburger which there really wasn't anything to rave about. Before I could even READ it, I found myself admiring the artwork, fonts, layout, photos, etc. MilkShake. The base is vanilla ice cream with condensed milk and cinnamon. Even my photos didn't need any extra lighting. It might remind you of a Tres Leches Cake, another favorite of mine. Blend on high until smooth. We had sopa de Rez, ceviche, blood sausage, and tequenos. The tenderloin was ok, I could've done without it because it was not impressive. Overall this place was great! My husband and I were warmly welcomed upon check-in and seated right away. Come starving like a lion that hasn't found its prey in a month because the entree portions are LAAAARGE! Holy milkshake — that's three desserts in one! Want to chime in. I add a slice of vanilla cake, icing and all. My husband and I were seated within minutes. @2017 - Southwest Discovered | Site Design by Sweet P Web Development. Waited forever to visit Bocas because of their no-reservations policy. I was in shock how fast our order came to us after it was a full house for pre-Mother's day. It is sponge cake usually with less butter soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk & cream/whole milk. Of course when you live with me, multiple birthday cakes are … Now, Even though it looked good and had a good presentation with an avocado, arepa and all the goodies, it wasn't what I was expecting. Tres leches comes from a Latin-American inspired sponge cake dessert called torta or pastel de tres leches meaning 3 milk cake. It had everything you could think of from steak to salmon to Octopus to Patacones, corn and more !! Finally, the milkshakes are indeed worth the drive. 16 Oz. I don't know what they are doing in the kitchen but they are extremely fast and attentive. Up next, the Cookies & Cream Milkshake. We had the tres leches milkshake recommended by our waitress, Vivianna, it was a great choice. They only take reservations online through Yelp, no exceptions, even if you call on the phone.  For 1 or 2 minutes. - Pina Colada Milkshake - Coconut Tres Leches Milkshake - Maple-Walnut Blend Milkshake - Mango Yogurt Milkshake - Mint Julep Milkshake - Mexican Chocolate Milkshake - Cookies and Cream Milkshake - Pumpkin Pie Milkshake - Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake - Chocolate-Cashew Milkshake - Mocha Milkshake - Nutella Milkshake - Hazelnut Mocha Milkshake You of course have to finish the meal with a milkshake ! Busers and runner were prompt.  Tres Leches means Three Milks, because it’s a soaked sponge cake (think tiramisu) drenched in a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream and evaporated milk. Splendid with the mashed potatoes. I ALWAYS enjoy every morsel of my food at Bocas House. Good. Lastly and the most important the food was fiyah! Valet parking is offered for $5 and there's not a lot of parking that we saw unless there is parking on a second floor which we did not explore. Excellent! The space is not tiny, by any means, but there's definitively a tight fit in the L shaped dining space. ChocolateShake. Get Tres Leches: Three Milk Cake Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. It was difficult making reservations here because the restaurant is so small, and I had a large party of 17. Upon leaving, our waitress Érika handed me a pre-printed card with her information listed and encouraging feedback on Yelp, Trip Advisor and/or Google. We celebrated my cousins birthday at Bocas House. Icing: 7 eggs whites 7 tablespoon sugar 7 tablespoon flour 2 …  My version of Tres Leches Cake in a glass will make four small 1-cup sized shakes, or two large. Delish!!  It’s as moist as cake gets. Calamari is tastier when it's fried, which brings me to the causa... Lots of fried calamari for all! Unlike many other restaurants, here they seem to be aware of the perks/downfalls of social media. **must try's are the salmon and steak! Parking signs '30 minutes only' are everywhere but you can park anywhere and there is also valet parking. Our youngest had breaded fish; however, as you would expect there was too much breading and little fish. My family and I all shared our entrees... which came with LOTS AND LOTS OF RICE GALORE! Coconut Macaroon, Condensed Milk, Dulce de Leche Drizzle, and a Mini Cake Donut topped with Toasted Coconut. If you haven't been here it's an absolute must try! I will definitely return for their "winner" mac and cheese. Search. Scoop out the solid white part you see on top and place into a mixing bowl … Submit corrections. I thought that it would be overwhelmingly sweet,  but I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't. Next time, I'd like to eat a full meal here when I get the chance.I personally had the Tres Leches milkshake, although all three kinds were present at the table (and I had a taste of them all). The third entree was arroz al wok bocas house. I have to admit, I let the menu design overwhelm me at first.  With an icing of whipped cream. This was my first time here and Yaya couldn't make me feel more welcomed and my server was Tomas which even made my visit more pleasant, because he made sure everything was perfect and never stopped serving us with excellence even thyme got very busy when the restaurant started to get full !!!! My husband has the skirt steak which was a little tough, but of course it's the cut of the meat. The cake is soaked in the milks, then topped with whipped cream. We will definitely be back again. #artsyfartsyproblems After finally focusing, we placed our order. The base is vanilla ice cream with condensed milk and cinnamon. Ohhhh soo good. Bocas House gets two thumbs up! Sprinkle with sugar jimmies, optional. The batter is tasty and it is fried to perfection. Yum yum. There's a waffleIce cream cone which sits in the mason jar and that is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Everything packs a punch; wether spicy or latin home-cooking flavors, "bland" cannot be used to describe the dishes. Our waiter 'Eduardo' was awesome on point, fast service and everyone's check was correct. Strawberry "Milkshake" Tres Leches Cake Strawberry-flavoured cake with a tart and fruity strawberry base, soaked in three milks and topped with Kirsch-laced whipped cream Recently, I have been having a penchant for all things pink, perhaps because it's PINKTOBER ®. I really wouldn't mind paying good money for a great service + food but this is just average. I loved our waitresses' sunny disposition and can-do attitude. We also shared the tres leches milkshake (bomb!). Add To Cart Please check errors in the form above. You want to start with the dessert, tres leches milkshake, but i rather wait and enjoy best curvina ceviche ever in miami, awesome arroz fusion fulll but i mean full deepfried seafood, grilled octopus amazong perfectly cooked, not any restaurant can get a review for a perfectly cooked octopus, and the chupe de camarones out of this world, with boiled eggs, great restaurant!