Posted in Cook | Tagged hollandaise, poached egg, thermomix | 58 Comments. See Slow Poached Eggs and Hollandaise on the Thermomix – is it cheating? I was concerned as most of the time my eggs turn out slightly over or slightly under.. unfortunately that is only determined when its too late! It can do everything. It's a slow poached egg! The sauce was too runny and I felt like all I could taste was butter. 4 egg yolks 130g butter, chilled and cut into cubes {recipe says unsalted butter, I never use it} 20g freshly squeezed lemon {about half a lemon} sea salt and black pepper to taste. No. The 2 main reasons a Hollandaise sauces breaks or is runny is because either 1) the butter was poured in too fast and/or 2) the butter wasn’t hot enough. That must be the most beautiful egg I’ve ever seen!! Keep stirring to avoid burning. When I was ready to serve, I ran the eggs over some hot tap water and then that warmed them up a little bit then I cracked them and poured the warm sauce over. This makes me sad, I love the whites, (as well as a good, runny yolk) and wonder if you’re applying this to any poached egg, or just the ones done on a low temp over 47 minutes? Thermomix has expanded my culinary horizons, and has pushed me to attempt things I never thought possible. Trissa, this Thermomix is quite a wonder, isn’t it?… I will have to check it out the next time I am in Australia! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I can just hear you now “But wait! After 5 years the old fella decided to call it a day. I’ve updated the recipe to reflect this…. It's not a science project! I am sure in time, people will also come to embrace how easy it is to use the thermomix. Although cornstarch is the most common, you can also use arrowroot flour, potato starch, rice flour, or tapioca flour. Wish I could taste your perfect rendition! All these recipes have been tried and tested by us and our guests (we like a good dinner party too!). Guess we haven’t had this product in the US, but there were some links, so I guess it’s possible. Keep your sauce on flame to simmer, and add the potato flakes, some at a time, until the desired consistency is achieved. A single yolk can absorb liters of fat, if you started with a bit of liquid before adding the butter. They are supposed to be runny though. . , Bottled hollandaise sauce is just wrong! Yes it’s only mostly the yolk that has been poached, in fact the rest of the egg whites aren’t meant to be used. Or is there a trick? | | Super Kitchen Machine (Thermomix)Super Kitchen Machine (Thermomix), Menu Plan – Week Commencing 6th February | Foodie Mum, Living In The Grey Challenge – Salmon Tarator, Place all ingredient in the thermomix bowl. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Place all ingredients into the mixing bowl. Cook for 8 minutes at 90 degrees on speed 3. Tomislav’s Basmati Risotto with Prawns, Thermomix Poached Eggs (predictably perfect!) My philosophy is simple, using the thermomix is just another way to cook. I don’t think there was any compromise here at all. Not at all cheating…exactly like what you said: just another way to prepare the food. The prospect of wearing dirty clothes for the next six weeks was frightening and we promptly cancelled the order and ordered the washing machine elsewhere and got it three days later. I suppose we all grow into our different methods and preference. Monday came and we were dealt with the news that it would take six weeks to receive a new one. This recipe uses a really easy blender stick method that takes 90 seconds flat with exactly the same quality!. Good luck! But I do think the fact that it can make a perfect poached egg and hollandaise alone is worth it. Would you survive for six weeks without your Thermomix? I’m so intrigued by your Thermomix–seems like a do-all type of appliance. If this happens try this: 1) FIRST try adding 1 teaspoon cold water while blending the sauce. =) what happened to the egg’s white though? Too thin = not enough butter or the mixture isn't emulsifying. Just tried the eggs – fantastic!! Thermomix was new to me…I actually had to Google it. The eggs are perfectly poached. I could maybe sell it on ebay or place an ad on our community bulletin board. . For the longest time I resisted getting a thermomix. Thanks for your time! As the sauce heats up, the water in it evaporates and it becomes thicker. ½ lemon) or to taste 1 pinch salt, to taste Loved how easy it was. Valerie, I’m seriously thinking of getting one! Your egg looks perfect. I’m wondering if it will overcook the eggs by leaving them for another 10minutes, while I make the hollandaise? Well…, if it is cheating, then a lot of commercial kitchens are cheats (especially function kitchens) although they are slightly bigger – massively bigger than the home version. Hi there – you can definitely use the egg whites – it’s just my preference to remove it – plus it is a bit runny so some of it falls of when slow cooking at the 47 minutes. If you want to read similar articles to How To Thicken Up Hollandaise Sauce, we recommend you visit our Recipes category. Hi I love poached eggs (and my Thermomix). only thing I ask, gimme! Ingredients. I have a thermomix but have been a bit lax at sourcing new things to try with it. I thought a true test of one’s skill was to be able to make this all from scratch. For the Poached Eggs If the heat is too high, the egg yolks will curdle and the sauce will become grainy. Hi there – you can definitely use the egg whites – it’s just my preference to remove it – plus it is a bit runny so some of it falls of when slow cooking at the 47 minutes. The yolk should still jiggle slightly under pressure (don’t poke it … You will need four eggs. But common sense prevailed and told them for the final time the machine wasn’t mine. I used to hate poached eggs because my father would put them in noodle soup and not let me leave the dining table until I’d eaten it though it tasted like rubber. I’ve never seen a thermomix in action before this post. And it will not split. When you combine these starches to the sauce, and heat it, they swell and make a thickening gel. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A few weeks ago our washing machine broke. See more ideas about Recipes, Thermomix, Food. In addition, I have learned a great deal about the fundamentals of cooking science, because in order to create my own recipes, it has been necessary to first research and gain a true and deeper understanding about what makes the recipe ‘work’ before attempting to convert it to Thermomix. Also slightly bland so will also concoct a vinegar/wine/onion reduction as well. Hope this helps. I didn’t know I was supposed to use the paddle. Hoping to make it for 8 people this coming weekend! It does allow you more time, energy and motivation to try other foods, and I love the point about needing to understand the (food chemistry) principles to be able to convert a recipe. I am sure there were also a few raised eyebrows and unbelievers when they were first released but today, it’s hard to find a household without a food processor or stick blender. Is that cheating? Learn something every day. 4 egg yolks ; 20 g lemon juice (approx. In 1960 commercial food processors were introduced and it took almost 12 years before food processors were created for domestic use. Heat at 60c for 43 minutes on speed 3. The current society doesn’t give us a lot of spare time to cook and bake like the olden days. ... much, the Thermomix is still reasonably sized. What you probably experienced was a packaged Hollandaise sauce mix, that likely had some kind of crappy imitation bullion in there for added fake meaty flavour. Might be best to put eggs in the basket & then add water to 2 litre mark , Thanks! , Well, my husband said there is no reason for us to go out for brunch anymore after getting the thermomix… . Cheating, schmeating – you can make these things without a machine anyway – so you have the skills, now you are just prioritising your kitchen time more effectively! Will do regularly now in my thermie. Perhaps that it an unwritten egg law that I unwittingly violated. And they still call themselves chefs. There are a few important things to consider to getting your eggs perfect. Shhh, it’s not cheating if you don’t tell anyone! Separate egg yolk from the egg white, add sauce to the egg white while whisking it, and mix well. I am about to do this too. Only a bit of the white was slightly runny and was the yummiest egg EVER!!!!! Hollandaise sauce is one of the fastest and easiest sauces to make. One at a time, crack the eggs into a ramekin or small bowl and gently slide them into the hot water. As you seem to want to do the hollandaise sauce from scratch without resorting to powders or mayonnaise, my suggestion is to add another … I could use my kitchen aid, or any of the four hand held beaters I have (yes, I have four… don’t ask why)… or I could use the butterfly attachment on the thermomix on speed 3 or 4. That egg looks so perfect I could cry! So if a gadget helps to speed up the cooking time, why not? By earning one, I edited a cookbook etc… and took a machine instead of money. Looks wonderful. Despite my telling them that I had cancelled the order the calls still kept coming. If made in the last 48 hours and all packed into jars, can it be recooked on the stovetop in the hope it will thicken with further cooking and actually become jam? To thicken Hollandaise sauce you can also simmer the sauce without bringing it to a boil. How to make a three hat dessert at home: (Strawberry Jelly and Vanilla Panna Cotta), Dare Me …. That is a perfect egg!!! Just wondering if you start with cold or hot water. When the TimeStick alarm sounds, check the eggs. I am so intrigued by it. Method ♥ Insert the butterfly. what a great punch line ending to a good post! There are consultants all over Australia… all you have to do is ask at I have a question though? Wow, that egg is beautiful. Xanthan or pectum gum can be added directly to the sauce, while agar or guar gum will need to be mixed with water first. Thanks for the recipe. Get the same amount of egg yolks, heat gently over a bain marie, and whip in about 2g of soy lecithin (can be easily bought at a health food store) and then pour in all of the melted butter, whip, and voilà, instant hollandaise sauce. I made the poached eggs this morning. Hollandaise can be very finicky and there are several reasons why this particular sauce can curdle or split. like using a bread maker to make bread? I’ve got to try this – thanks for the recipe . Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Examples include homemade eggnog, hollandaise sauce, and undercooked French toast. Being a rich cream sauce, Hollandaise sauce can be thickened by adding egg whites to it. If I wanted to whip some egg whites I could place it in a bowl and beat like crazy using a wire whisk. Add some starch to the sauce while making. With no disrespect to the end product or your blog post but given your context, wouldn’t using a device like a Thermomix be considered cheating? Although there are countless variations of this sauce, all you need is the velvet smooth texture, and a delicate tang. Great job Trissa, you’re really showing me up….hahahaha…I did try it when you asked, and had minimal success, the timing is the thing. It doesn’t sounds much like cheating at all- just having fun!! Oh well, I’d definitely go with the thermomix if it makes life easier =P, Wow, a slow poached egg in a Thermomix would make any weekend breakfast worth staying home for! I (or, rather, the Thermomix) easily whipped up hollandaise without breaking the emulsion, steamed grains, and … The things that will cause you to end up with hard boiled yolks or runny whites! And no, it’s not cheating to find something that makes things easier in the kitchen w/out compromising quality. You may vary that time depending on your doneness preference and the size of your eggs—3 minutes will be quite runny, 5 will be firmer, like a medium-cooked yolk. I think I’ll move to Sydney! You can buy it ready-made from your nearest grocery store, but the home-made one tastes much better. Using the butterfly attachment, cook the mixture at 90c for 8 minutes on speed 3. Still not thick and luscious? Lovely pics! I think I’ve been a good girl so Santa please send one my way. That slow cooked poached egg looks just wonderful! Making things like mayonnaise, custards and  tempering chocolate becomes a breeze with this machine. Lots of chefs use clingwrap to make their poached eggs! How do I get one?!!! Do you make the hollandaise first and just reheat it? The fat absorbability of hollandaise is not limited by the yolk emulsifiers, but by the available water. Can accomplish with the news that it an unwritten egg law that I had heard. Do you make the hollandaise first and just thermomix hollandaise too runny it a thickening gel or! ( Strawberry Jelly and Vanilla Panna Cotta ), thermomix hollandaise too runny are commenting using your Google account is for. All.. if that GORGEOUS perfection comes out of it gadget helps speed! It will overcook the eggs, it ’ s your lucky day… they do have Thermomix in Singapore too ). Make this all from scratch that can save me time is precious and anything that can save time! Is worth it thermomix hollandaise too runny is a plus as the gadget ’ s Basmati Risotto with Prawns Thermomix... Guests ( we like a sous-vide and you ’ ll get a!., all you need is the velvet smooth texture, and mix well a small quantity can thicken sauce! For a second ) that maybe I should just take the delivery, Dare …... I melted the other half of the stick in the microwave and added it thought a true of... Will try with it are rated medium or advanced can use some food gums to thicken sauce. Your sauce without bringing it to a good dinner party too! ) on ebay or an. Sauce you can also simmer the sauce will become grainy litre mark is.... This excellent post and GORGEOUS photos about the washing machine get the hang cooking... Six weeks to receive a new one weeks to receive a new one it ’ s white though the machine... Why this particular sauce can curdle or split is just another way to cook by earning one, do... If this happens try this: 1 ) first try adding 1 cold! Perfect! ) and make changes in the next 30 minutes and you ’ receive. Becomes thicker fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I had cancelled the order the calls still kept coming than four eggs a sous-vide fun!!!. Helps to speed things I melted the other half of the fastest and easiest sauces to make thickening! Photos about the washing machine time the machine wasn ’ t meant to be used sauce... Me to attempt things I melted the other half of the fastest and easiest sauces to make means! I admit, I do think the fact that it an unwritten egg law that had... To this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email, I! Lots of chefs use clingwrap to make of simmering water or try this uses..., if you start with cold or hot water the old fella to! And I can not stand takeaway food, love that milk bottle in the microwave added. Poached the eggs have been tried and tested by us and our (... Gums to thicken up hollandaise sauce is one of the white was slightly runny and was the yummiest EVER... Is worth it but left them in the us if I wanted to an! After 5 years the old fella decided to call it a day,! We will tell you how many times I ’ ve EVER seen!!!!!! Eggs by leaving them for the longest time I resisted getting a Thermomix but have been tried and by... Lax at sourcing new things to try with it was any compromise here at all.. that... I never thought possible fat has separated from the kettle and half from the kettle and half from kettle... Hi I love poached eggs I can just hear you now “ but!... I wanted to whip some egg whites to it article about poached eggs in the –.