I calculated that my motor has 2 pole pairs and it generates magnetic field as you can see on upper picture. * The alternating-current windings of two-phase alternating-current generators and synchronous motors I took winding on the picture from winding book. If motor is older chose column I, else chose value from column II. In this insctructables, i am going to make step forward. The alternating-current windings of three-phase alternating-current generators and synchronous motors shall have terminal markings as given in MG 1-2.61 for three-phase single-speed induction motors. You must not leave too much space, because winding would be too bit, and you must not make it too small, because you will not be able access to all slots. Three phase asynchronous motor is most common used motor in the world. The slot on stator core of the three-phase motor winding carries stator winding. The winding scheme shows the execution of three-phase winding with 30 groups of coils at a winding pitch of 1:6 with the same width at a star connection. Lubricate axis of rotor. Capacitor Motor Single-Phase Wiring Diagrams ALWAYS USE WIRING DIAGRAM SUPPLIED ON MOTOR NAMEPLATE. All parameters are very close together. It also covers all possible parallels; wye and delta, 2 - 48 poles; part windings; two-speed windings; wye-delta and consequent-pole connections, 2 - 48 poles. The motor winding in three-phase which is connected in star or delta form based on the type of starting method used. You can detect burned motors winding by unique smell (smells like burned lacquer). Connect end of coils to clips, according to picture from analyse motor. The open is… Three-Lead Motors The stator windings of a three-lead motor may be connected as either Delta or Wye (see Figure 1). The 3 phase induction motors are mostly delta connect for Low voltage as it is cheaper to have this connection for specific KW requirement in comparision to Star cobnneceted motor and Torque is also high. Hello sir, can you make diagram about 54 slots? Please sir,single phase motor rewinding formula pdf send to gmail adress- pyithein654@gmail.comThank for knowledge sharing. These seem to be in series but it is not addressed in the text. It provides internal connection diagrams for three-phase windings. I picked 0,8mm wire. In winding books there is a lot of different types of winding diagrams. Winding head is part of winding where all connections are made. If both operate at the same speed, the connection must be a skip-pole part-winding start. For this job use hammer and chisels. For a three phase motor, insulation resistance is usually measured between each motor winding or phase and between each motor phase and motor frame (earth) using an insulation tester or megger. You can use wooden stick to put winding in slots. Put ventilator and last cover on motor. This winding can be supplied with 3-phase AC supply. Because cage is short-circuited, voltage generates flow of electric current. Tight winding well. How to Test a 3 Phase Motor Windings With an Ohmmeter. You show two sets of two windings per phase. why you divide Bzr*Qp by 1.57 in step 34? Then remove second cover. on Step 40. Bind the coils with the stator lacing thread. First you need to cut old winding from stator. It is also used to power large motors and other heavy loads. I took all electrical equations and orientation tables from book: Neven Srb ELEKTROMOTORI. I had a lot of problems with calculation but i solved them and i got same parameters of winding as were on old one. It should fit perfectly so you cant pull it out. Share it with us! Sew stator lancing thread around coils, as you can see on pictures. Then you can take it of winding tool. You get iron filling factor from upper table. Now you have 6 winding ends R1,R2,Y1,Y2,B1,B2; Delta Connection. Mark spots between first cover and stator and second cower and stator (we will need this marked points at motors assemble). It has 9 leads. A variable-frequency drive is a device used in a drive system consisting of the following three main sub-systems: AC motor, main drive controller assembly, and drive/operator interface. But in next measurement we can see that resistances do not dramatically affect on electric motors performance. Usually they are attached on stator by long screws. Hi in step 18 you calculate the number of poles with the formula p = (60 x f)/ ns, you get 1 as the answer yet you state that you had two pole pairs? Can you explain the connection of the 4 windings per phase? The high voltage (HV) terminals have upper-case letters e.g. In the interest of not completely taking all the wiring apart, I measured the resistance as follows: on Step 35, Answer Then i decide to make bigger one but i found problem again. The three-phase connection in which one end of each of the windings are connected together is called the _____ connection. Every 3 phase motor has six (6) terminals with the supply voltage connected to three (3) of those terminals. Because iron core of stator is not made out of pure iron we need to calculate real package length. 4 months ago. Remove connections and conduit box from stator. A three-wire three-phase circuit is usually more economical than an equivalent two-wire single-phase … You can easily remove old colour form motor with sandblasting. Answer This time winding was too big and i couldn't close the cover of motor. Letters and numbers are used as follows. Did you make this project? Take few picture of motor. However, some fantastic learning to be gained from this. 10 months ago If that wont works, heat it. It took about two days to rewind it, replace all old parts and reassemble it. Thanks for the time commitment and also for a great intructable! In next steps I will show you how to analyse motors winding, disassemble motor, remove bearings, calculate new winding, rewind motor, reassemble it with new bearings and test motor. The colour must withstand at least 100 degrees Celsius. Reply Did you recieve pdf for single phase sir? 3 phase motor wiring diagram 12 leads – What’s Wiring Diagram? A-B-C, R-Y-B, U-V-W, L1-L2-L3 and the low voltage (LV) terminals have lower-case letters e.g. Because of the phase relationships of the three windings shown in Figure 1, the voltage and current are intertwined with this factor. Make sure you wind correct number of turns. In step 40 - I believe your indication of the magnetic poles is reversed - the North should be to the top for current flow as shown (into the page on the right).Can you elaborate on the connections of the windings? Each winding has a start numbered 1 and a finish numbered 2. Further, pleas give the diagram for the How to identify the … Check from phase to phase … Motor was made for voltage 380V, but now we have 400V in EU. Place model in right slots, leaving some free space. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=indians+rewind+motors The first I saw was this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsS_7EEYx1Y. O and X are showing direction of electric current. I hope you enjoined my presentation of rewinding a three phase motor. Thanks for your reply, I love learning about these things. Most three-phase motors have six leads (winding wires) that allow the user to connect in WYE connection for a higher voltage or in a DELTA for lower voltage. I copied this picture from book [Neven Srb; Elektromotori]. Set the voltage setting of the insulation resistance tester to 500V. I had a lot of problems with winding new winding too. Label one set as 1-2-3 and the other as 7-8-9. In three-phase motors, the square root of three is an important number. Measure length of slot, and add about 16mm (depends of how you will twist paper). The current of Line 1 can be found by determining the vector difference between I R and I B and we can do that by increasing the I B Vector in reverse, so that, I R and I B makes a parallelogram. 3Ph Motors, 2 Speed, Single Winding JohnGierich 2020-05-07T10:53:55-05:00. Line & Phase Current and Line & Phase Voltage in Delta (Δ) Connection. If you have iron ventilator heat it. If you burned old lacquer you should be able to push remain winding out of stators gaps. Three phase asynchronous motor is most common used motor in the world. I see some light colored lines on the winding diagram - are those connection points? WYE In a three-phase connection, the voltage measured across a single winding is the _____ voltage. Rotate coils so their end wires will come out on the side, where is the hole from stator to electrical clips. A wiring diagram is a form of schematic which uses abstract pictorial symbols to exhibit each of the interconnections of components inside a system. A-B-C, R-Y-B, U-V-W, L1-L2-L3 and the low voltage (LV) terminals have lower-case letters e.g. The combination of the star connections is depicted in form of a circle on the yellow contact bar. If you have any questions you can easily message me. W2 CJ2 UI VI WI W2 CJ2 UI VI WI A cow VOLTAGE Y HIGH VOLTAGE z T4 Til T12 10 Til T4 T5 ALI L2 T12 TI-BLU T2-WHT T3.ORG T4-YEL T5-BLK T6-GRY T7-PNK T8-RED T9-BRK RED TIO-CURRY TII-GRN T12-VLT z T4 Til T12 It can be used with either concentric or lap windings. Stator is made out of iron core and winding. Excellent tutorial. Second picture is showing the magnetic field generated by stators winding. Take motor out and clean edge (so cover will fit perfectly). For example, a two pole three phase motor has 6 nests, 3 coils per nest, and 6 leads. Because gap between stator and cover was very small, i decided to do a little bit bigger first coils, and a little bit smaller last coils. In the United States, for low voltage motors (below 600v), you can expect either 230v or 460v. Typically we will only rewind over 10hp. The high voltage (HV) terminals have upper-case letters e.g. By the winding head (Type of winding), number of wires in each gap and thickness of the wire you can rewind new motors winding without doing calculations in next step. Did you compare your calculated number of turns per slot (62) to the number removed from the old winding? Careful place coils in stators slots. It has 6 pole. In next step you will need to heat up old coils, and conduit box must be empty. In this video you will find out how to test 3-phase induction motor. Rotation magnetic field "cut" squirrel-cage, where it induces voltage. Because magnetic field must rotate faster than rotor to induce voltage in rotor. Gently hit cover and try to rotate it. Each component ought to be placed and linked to different parts in particular manner. It seems like it wouldn't be worth it but I guess it must be at least marginally cheaper than building from scratch. You find type of bearing on side of bearing. Question Put motor in hot oven, and cook it for about 4 hours. In normative DIN use for terminal leads the letters U, V, W signify the coil head, and letters X, Y, Z signify coil end. Question a-b-c, r-y-b, u-v-w, l1-l2-l3. Current in magnetic field generates force. For 220, it is supposed to be wired L1, 2, 8 tied together L2, 1, 7 tied together L3, 3, 9 tied together 4, 5, 6 tied together. Reply External diameter of statros package: Dv= 128mm; Inner diameter of stators package: D= 75.5mm; Width of stators slot: b1= 6.621mm; b2= 8,5mm. † All non-Nidec Motor Corporation marks shown within this website are properties of their respective owners. When motor heats up, spills lacquer on motors coils as you see on pictures, 5. Yes, it is possible to connect 3 phase motors in star as well as delta connection if you have winding ends noted well i.e R-phase : R1- coil -R2 similarly for B phase and y phase. Connect R1 and B2; This forms 1st phase. surge test patterns, the motor is either a 2-speed 2-winding motor, or a skip-pole part-winding start. : 210–211 AC motor. Three Phase Motor Connection STAR/DELTA Without Timer – Power & Control Diagrams Put rotor in stator, and close it with second cover. Let us see the motor winding connections in a Star Delta Starter. In upper table there is data from manufacturer in first line. We mounted motor on special test device, and connected it with measurement equipment. a-b-c, r-y-b, u-v-w, l1-l2-l3. If you have any questions please ask, and i will try to answer ass soon as possible. Let the three stator windings of the three phase induction motor be called as X1 – X2, Y1 – Y2 and Z1 – Z2 where X1, Y1 and Z1 are the starting ends and X2, Y2 and Z2 are the closing ends (or finishing ends). Working as an industrial electrician this is counter productive vs purchasing a new one. Constant Torque Connection Low-speed horsepower is half of high-speed horsepower. Remove covers from motor. Pole step is distance on inner circle of stator, and it marks size of each pole. I see several videos of people in India doing it, so I guess at least there it's a business. Stator is made out of iron core and winding. That's why motor speed is a little bit less then magnetic field speed ((3000 rpm [Magnetic field] -- 2810 rpm [Electric motor])). Three-phase electric power is a common method of alternating current electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. It's amazing the amount of effort and detail work that goes into it. Make sure that the voltage you will be supplying to your motor matches … If would had 4 pole motor we would have 4 areas instead of 2 areas of magnetic field. To get right filing factor you need to have surface of your slot. Thank you for your attention. Motors–One, Two, And Three Phase . Three Wire Motor Winding Connection Diagram. Connect R2 and Y1; This forms 2nd phase. That's why we call them Three phase ASYNCHRONOUS electric motor. 6 months ago. According to the result you pick a wire which is in +/-2% range of result. Tools, Reference Materials, Resources and Basic Information for Learning Electrical Engineering. Select appropriate value of induction in air gap from table. 1. That makes a lot of sense. Make sure you don't paint inscription board. Wire coils together according to winding diagram. Number of pole pairs depends on nominal frequencies and rotation speed of magnetic field. Current which is flows inside picture has clockwise direction of magnetic field. There is a table in upper picture. My new winding was three phase single layer concentric winding. I have a 5hp, 3 phase, dual wound motor. Place model in special tool.
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